Competitive outsourcing

Benefits Panni e Lazzarini - Competitive outsourcing
Panni & Lazzarini is well aware of the importance for companies of outsourcing the installation phase: a procedure which allows each industrial company to set up a fast, efficient and competitive supply chain. Panni & Lazzarini provides the client a real cooperation as a qualified and multifunctional partner, starting from the parts installation up to the logistics management for assembly outsourcing.

Speed and punctuality

Benefits Panni e Lazzarini - Speed and punctuality
Panni & Lazzarini deals with the assembly and parts installation subcontracting for different application sectors, delivering on time. Thanks to the skilful internal organization, the structure flexibility and the efficient warehouse management, the company always guarantees compliance with the agreed deadlines and fast and safe deliveries even in case of urgent orders.


With its service industrialization, the company operates closely in conjunction with the client, strategically cooperating in realising a smooth and efficient production process. Each process tracing, the constant updating on regulations, the skills and the attention given to each single procedure allow the company to be a real proactive partner able to provide the solution suitable for the customers' needs in every processing phase.

Logistic management

Panni & Lazzarini provides service for logistics and storage of parts which allows to dispatch many shipments monthly and to store the required parts avoiding blocking the client's storage areas. With a vehicle with a 70 QL capacity, the company can collect and deliver the commissioned parts very easily, allowing the client to save time and effort. Before storing the required parts, which are checked dimensionally and coded, ensuring traceability through a dedicated bar code.

Products testing

Not just assembly. Panni & Lazzarini, in addition to the parts installation processing, also provides the testing and certification service to the client, performing in-house tests and testing necessary for the specific scope of application of the assembled product. The company can develop and implement the testing machines necessary for the most different product sectors, thus providing full service which results in a fluid, efficient and performing chain thanks to the acquired technological know-how and the expertise gained.

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