A history built on commitment and passion

Company Panni e Lazzarini

Since 1980, Panni & Lazzarini, a specialised and a cutting-edge company in the assembly and storage sector on behalf of third parties thanks to their professionalism, total commitment and specific skills, always driven by the passion for their work, which results in various high-level services with added value such as industrialisation, logistics and storage.

Panni & Lazzarini recognises the importance and advantage for the client to entrust the assembly phase to third parties, streamlining the production chain and containing costs thanks to the professional experience in almost forty years in the field, careful listening to customer needs and its flexibility.

In fact, the company can provide professional solutions for the most different needs, providing real answers which perfectly meet the quality and regulatory standards of the various application sectors, thus placing itself as a real partner on the client's side.

Manufacturing facility and internal organisation

Today the company has the assembly and storage area covered of 1000 square meters for client's parts totally a 2000 square meters area. Panni & Lazzarini has invested time and resources assembly subcontracting, creating a highly specialised environment. capable of meeting a wide variety of needs with effectiveness, efficiency and timing maintained by constant research and development.

Currently, the company consists of four sectors: from pneumatics to mechanics, from valves to automotive, each one structured into four departments which include quality control, testing, industrialisation and warehouse. The company offers custom made solutions, including a diversified and customised range, such as: the management of the client's logistics and warehouse and the research and manufacturing of specific machinery for laboratory tests and product testing.

Company Panni e Lazzarini

We are also equipped with a clean room, a space dedicated to assemblies for the medical sector, in a protected and controlled environment.

Azienda Panni e Lazzarini

Clean-room, gray room and ESD areas for superior quality customized assembly processes

The continuous attention to the requests of our customers and the attentive listening to the needs of a fast market in constant evolution, have led us to adopt increasingly complete, innovative and professional solutions to respond efficiently and flexibly to every need. Panni e Lazzarini is equipped with a duly certified ISO 8 clean-room , intended for the assembly of maximum precision groups and sub-groups, a gray room equipped with temperature and humidity control for the assembly of sensitive components and for research and development and the industrialization of new products, and ESD workstations which, through the discharge of the electrostatic current to ground, allow total control of our work on the assembly of electronic groups and sub-groups.

Certified processes to ensure the highest quality

Panni & Lazzarini has acquired considerable experience in assembly and storage of any type of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic parts and many others on behalf of third parties with flexibility and steady search for innovation, all certified according to European guidelines.

The company has set up its Quality System in compliance with the latest UNI-EN-ISO standards, to ensure customers a safe and guaranteed service, with control and inspection operations carried out with the utmost care which place Panni & Lazzarini the reference point company in the assembly and storage sector on behalf of third parties.

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